Record industry, Mick Jagger and technology

A great Mick Jagger interview. One answer in particular struck me:

“people only made money out of records for a very, very small time. When

The Rolling Stones started out, we didn’t make any money out of records
because record companies wouldn’t pay you! They didn’t pay anyone!
Then, there was a small period from 1970 to 1997, where people did get
paid, and they got paid very handsomely and everyone made money. But now
that period has gone.

So if you look at the history of recorded music from 1900 to now, there
was a 25 year period where artists did very well, but the rest of the
time they didn’t.”

4 thoughts on “Record industry, Mick Jagger and technology”

  1. That’s great that musicians aren’t making as much money off of records anymore. Musicians should be paid for the music that they play, not for what they can copy+paste together and mass produce.

    Bono said: “Downloading music hurts the little guy.”
    I guess by “little guy” he meant “multi-billionaire rock star,” because the music industry is changing to accommodate for honest hard working DIY musicians who use the internet as a good medium for sharing their music.

  2. Given that sales in music has continually risen in the last 50 years I wonder what happened in 1997 to make the Copywrong Industry suddenly revert to the old policy of “sign a binding contract with us, and we’ll make sure to spend ALL the money you earn”?

    btw, Ofcom published its Digital Economy Act draft “Initial Obligations Code” last week, and objections and suggestions to improve things should be sent by 30 July 2010. It can be got here

    And there’s an Early Day Motion 17 that you Tom and other MP’s should sign here

    Let’s defeat this DEA – it’s unfair and vindictive on otherwise innocent people and kids.

  3. He’s in a bit of “rock an’ roll is all there’s ever been” a wish-dream.

    Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Buddy Holly seemed to do OK.

    Rolf Harris?
    John Dankworth?
    Dame Nellie Melba?

  4. I think it is important for everyone to get paid for what they do, that would be equality. It is however, not just the artist it is the rest of the individuals who contribute to a record do they get paid or is it just the artist?

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