Liberal Democrats – Special Conference to include Digital Economy Act

I’ve been told that an amendment has been accepted on the Digital Economy Bill. It says:

“Conference urges Liberal Democrat MPs and members of the coalition Government to take all possible steps to ensure that the freedom bill includes the repeal of those sections of the Digital Economy Act 2010 which are inconsistent with policy motion Freedom,Creativity and the Internet as passed at Spring Conference 2010.”

That’s basically Clauses 11-18 of the Digital Economy Act on cutting access and web blocking.

9 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats – Special Conference to include Digital Economy Act”

  1. Entirely seperately from the ICT misunderstandings & issues which riled me about this whole thing in the first place, may I just say, if this actually happens, there will be many thousands of people between the ages of 14 and 30 who may, possibly, start to believe the words ‘democratic process’.
    They’re the MP’s of the future, I’d warrant, and that’s no bad thing if they’re knee jerk response to something is not ‘it takes my freedom away’ but ‘it’s badly written, is completely illogical, shows a woeful misunderstanding of the subject matter and the sentiment was right but please could you rewrite it in a way which actually makes sense kthnxbi’.
    To summarise, this has made my day and yay democracy is not dead.

  2. Just the really nasty bits. It would seem that this is the sort of thing the Tories might be willing to go for; it would reaffirm their commitment to being ‘liberal conservatives’ and allow them to stick the boot into your parliamentary colleagues.

    What’s great about the amendments is they not only address the things which I wanted addressing from the agreement (trident? meh. Not with all others opposed) but they all look as if they might actually be feasible – things we could negotiate with the Tories on.

  3. Great stuff, looks like the liberals are gonna keep their promise. I hope the whole act gets repealed and is written again properly by someone who understands all the implications and isn’t influenced by the music industry…

  4. About time! It was a silly bill, about a silly as banning people eating mince pies on xmas day!

    I expect them to do this, else i will be very upset indeed.

  5. Now Jeremy Hunt has said he has no plans to repeal the Digital Economy Act. Sigh. I thought it sounded too good to be true.

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