Vote Dalek

Forget Clegg mania, the Watson household is full of Dalek mania.

After last night’s Dr Who (written into my campaign schedule by my son), Junior Watson is voting Dalek. When promped, he did say that he’d support the new Labour Red Dalek. Small mercies and all that.

3 thoughts on “Vote Dalek”

  1. Our household was quite impressed with that episode too. The Dr Who Confidential after it is worth tracking down in iPlayer if you didn’t see it. It’s really obvious the amount of research which went into it.

  2. Beautiful artwork; very cool.

    If Canada wasn’t outside your riding I do believe I would vote for you. First, because of your fight against the Digital Economy Bill. Possibly more because I admire your priorities; our children aren’t small for long.

    Good luck on the election!

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