Labour’s new ad: your brief should you choose to accept it

Labour are crowdsourcing their next billboard ads. Can you help?

Interesting approach from Labour HQ in light of the total catastrophe in the political billboards market. To save their ad agency the humiliation of getting their billboards hacked, they’re going to first base by asking people to design Labour’s next political advert. Like the crowdsourcing methodology. Here’s the two design briefs:

1. Labour’s pledge to protect frontline investment in key services

Highlight Labour’s pledge to protect frontline investment in key services
What single thought should people take away from your poster?
Labour will protect frontline investment in policing, schools, childcare and the NHS, with a new guarantee of cancer test results within a week
Why should they believe us?
Labour has always valued the public services on which mainstream families rely. In 1997, when the British people entrusted us with the job of protecting our public services the task facing us was clear – to rebuild and restore them after decades of neglect. Standards have risen and now we need to give guarantees of high standards to everyone – not just the lucky few – at the same time as delivering value for taxpayers’ money and services which are tailored to everyone’s personal needs.

2. Highlight David Cameron’s lack of substance
Let people know about David Cameron’s lack of substance. He’s boasted about being a good salesman – he’s not the conviction politician we need for these tougher times.
What single thought should people take away from your poster?
Running the country is a serious matter and David Cameron doesn’t have the substance to take on that job
Why should they believe us?
All David Cameron’s focus has been on changing image – airbrushing posters, sledding at the North poll or being photographed cycling. Because of this he seems to think that it’s easy to get away with the same old Tory policies – telling people he’s for fairness when promising a tax giveaway for the wealthiest and cutting Child Trust Funds and Child Tax Credits when families need them the most. Instead of taking on the old fashioned, hardline Tories in his Party, he has appeased them by giving in on the issues they are obsessed about like foxhunting, grammar schools and Europe.

6 thoughts on “Labour’s new ad: your brief should you choose to accept it”

  1. I’ve a question for you on one of Labour’s pledges.

    You’ve promised to halve the deficit in 4 years.

    170 billion a year on debt down to 85 billion a year on debt.

    On top of that because the debt will have grown, there is an extra 45 billion a year in debt repayments.

    Total is 130 billion.

    So, what’s the split between tax rises and cuts in services to achieve that.

    Don’t forget that growth isn’t an alternative to the two choices above. All growth means is that you get more tax to close the gap.

    What’s going to happen after the 4 years? When are you going to stop putting the country in hock


  2. Extraordinarily, this ‘design brief’ is probably the most lucid, hard-hitting encapsulation of Labour’s core election message that I’ve yet read. Plain English, straight down the line, no attempt to be too clever or diplomatic. There’s a lesson there.

  3. Dear Mr. Watson

    When people have no talent and money available, it is always nice to throw it out to the masses.

    I think Labour hacks might have a go at it, the aspiring types of wannabes eager to please but for the rest, we are sitting about waiting for the Labour Party to lose.

    People in Glasgow see through cheap gimmicks.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  4. Rebuilding the public sector, or getting as many people on the State payroll as possible, who are then beholden to Labour for their jobs?

    Protecting public services by pledging same-day GPs’ appointments. Which means that many you have to ring-in on the day for an emergency appointment for surgeries to meet targets that the Government had not financed PCTs to meet.

    Cameron is vacuous but so is Brown. British jobs for British workers? Knowing full-well that EU freedom of movement laws forbade that.

    As for Europe – I think that people believe that democratic accountability just MIGHT be a principle worth salvaging. Your arrogant dismissal of the Tories ‘fixation’ on it shows that you don’t.

    I note you don’t mention Tony Blair’s emergence from his cesspit of sleaze today. Then again, you helped bring him down for a PM who make John Major look oozing of charisma.

    YOUR party sees fixated on class issues Despite a Front Bench schooled privately. Ask Harperson.

    Your party thinks the electorate believes your b******t.

    It is sickening that the 2 main parties are spin, insubstantial and patronising. Particularly after the XPs scandal.

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