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  1. The high tech economy: directly or indirectly, I encounter civil servants in 5 govt depts, and in 4 of them the overwhelming experience is that they don’t know the areas that they are working in. Where is the essential training?
    Of course govt uses consultants, but the big groups tend not to hire in experts when they take on a task for which they are not competent. The Framework Agreement method is to blame – senior civil servants used to be able to use their own budgets to buy in expert advice.

  2. They missed out bits about:

    1: Prohibiting everything they can possibly get away with.

    2: Continuing to make a new criminal offence for every day in office. And not enforcing the ones you already have regarding serious crime, instead turning REAL criminals into victims and all.

    3: ncreasing the sphere of politicial correctness.
    Perhaps we need a new taget for our jokes ?
    “There were these two MPs walking down the street…”

    4: Making sure that middle aged white men in particular are increasingly criminalised and villified.

    5: Not accepting that the polticial and parliamentary system is a complete shambles and badly needs reform.

    6: Telling more lies about things such as global warming and the number of women trafficked into prostitution, and using that lie to criminalise customers who unknowingly patronise such people.

    7: Punishing the owner of a broadband connection for copyright infringement, even if it was used without their knowledge or authoritiy.

    8: Promoting people into positions of high authority in government such as “Business Secretary, even though they are no longer elected by the public.

    And the rest of it. For example the right to take photographs freely in a public place.

    It really is appalling these days. A complete disgrace.

    If I had a relative who was an MP, I think I would probably disown them.

  3. High tech economy? And then rushing through the DEB where the majority of those voting on it patently don’t understand the implications?

    I understand and appreciate your personal experience and efforts against it, but Labour touting the high tech economy rings hollow after your colleagues efforts on that score.

    Not that the Tories did any better by it, of course.

  4. As my wife said to me in the Euro elections – You’ve had 13 years and failed, why should we give you another 5??

  5. “high tech economy”; wasn’t that squashed so Mandelson could take a back hander? Debill, proof democracy doesn’t work, when half of the people we vote for don’t turn up and don’t represent the majority… I of course realise you did and were one of the good guys.

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