David Cameron press conference

I had a similar view to Alastair Campbell on the David Cameron press conference:

Fixed term parliaments? Good idea, er, but bad idea. Prison ships? Need more prison places. Not sure how to get them though. Marriage in the tax system? Sounds great, not sure how to do it though. Deficit reduction = tax rises or spending cuts? Avoided Nick Robinson. Adam Boulton had a go. Avoided him too. Twitter? Conservative home editor will get Cameron’s Conservatives coverage without the need for Conservative Cameron to be held to account.

That’s it. Nothing else to report.

2 thoughts on “David Cameron press conference”

  1. Surely the startling thing about this “presser” was that he set it to upstage Gordon Brown’s regular one a little over an hour later.

    What does he think he’s doing?

    Still more scary is the context: he actually thinks that his judgement is a critical part of his leadership skills, which he judges to be his strength.

    Bit like a skeleton with a bone disease.

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