David Cameron, Florence and the machine and iTunes

Asked what the last CD he bought was, David Cameron gave a hesitating almost embarrassed answer. Florence and the Machine? Hmmm. Why am I thinking Artic Monkey?

DC: I don’t .. I’ve stopped buying CDs now, I’m an I-Tunes man. I think the last thing .. Florence and the Machine .. I’m not sure about that .. my daughter is endlessly badgering me to buy Ting Tings albums. SO it is probably a mixture of those things.

6 thoughts on “David Cameron, Florence and the machine and iTunes”

  1. David Cameron and popular culture, what a mix.

    The man who bemoans the ‘broken society’ but loves Gavin & Stacey, with its depiction of binge drinking and sexual promiscuity (and that’s just the first episode).

    ps – The Ting Tings have only released 1 album.

  2. Surely the only way to win this one, which always seems to be a tripwire, is to just come out with something absurdly obscure. Or better yet, a small local band.

    I acknowledge the fear of seeming snobbish, but surely supporting local industry (DRM free and everything) trumps that.

  3. I like Mr Cameron’s choice, although personally I don’t understand why he feels the need to give embarrassed answers over simple questions. Florence and the Machine are an excellent band – I was listening to them just yesterday; You Got The Love I Need To See Me Through (The Next General Election.) Great song.

    I am so up on technology etc that I even have Twitter – under an assumed name of course….(chuckle)

  4. #2

    Surely the way to come out of it ok is just to tell the truth, and demonstrate enough knowledge of the music you genuinely like that your passion for it comes through?

  5. Who was the ex minister (defence I think) who was a complete boffin on alt. country music and was compiling a big anthology for some record label spanning Willie Nelson to Ryan Adams. Props to him (!), the only politician to come out of the dreaded music question with any dignity…

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