Referendum amendment for the Constitutional Renewal Bill

Martin Linton

Tom Watson

Martin Salter

Tom Levitt

Frank Cook

John Mann

Michael Gapes

Roger Berry

Jim Dowd

Graham Allen

Albert Owen

David Chaytor

Mark Lazarowicz

Christine McCafferty

David Taylor

Alan Keen

Richard Burden

Doug Maysmith

Martin Caton

Alan Whitehead

Jon Cruddas

1)  The Secretary of State shall be under a duty to ensure that a referendum on reforming the electoral system for the House of Commons is held before 28 October 2010.

2)  The referendum must offer a choice between the existing method of voting and a preferential system.

3)  If the result of the referendum is in favour of changing the electoral system for the House of Commons, the Secretary of State shall be under a duty to lay implementing measures before Parliament within three months of the date of the referendum.

4)  In this section:

“Implementing measures” means measures designed to and likely to implement the result of the referendum before the general election next following the referendum, and includes bills and statutory instruments.

“Preferential voting system” means a system of voting in which electors may express their support for individual candidates in order of preference and in which they are not restricted to expressing a fixed number of preferences.


#1 Dan on 12.16.09 at 6:56 pm

This Doug Maysmith fella sounds interesting – which constituency does he represent?

#2 Phil on 12.18.09 at 2:38 pm

Nay, nay, and thrice Nay!

#3 ben on 01.10.10 at 7:37 pm

That’s all well and good, but what about the wholly unelected house of lords? There are some good people there like lord lucus, however, prime minsters are currently able to position evidently reprobate cronies such as peter mandelson. This must be addressed with a greater bias.

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