In the House of Lords there is a friend of St Helena

Here’s the second part of the interview:

    • P: I hoped you enjoyed the overflight of St Helena sir?

    • MA: I thought the island was absolutely beautiful and I certainly look forward to the day when I’m able to land and stay and meet many of the islanders.

    • P: Yes. I think the statement that you have done, because what I haven’t told you before was that there were a lot of the British media listening to what we’re doing because we’re also on the internet but your statement when it comes to St Helena airport is very much appreciated. Were there any particular features that stood out, what you could see from up there sir?

    • MA: Well when we came in we first of all wanted to have a look at the cliffs on the south coast so we flew around the cliffs and then we came up over the East side. I wanted to have a look at the terrain where the proposed airport is meant to be, so we had a look at that and then round to the capital. From the air it looked wonderfully well laid out. I was just thinking as I am flying over am I an official tourist or when you do your Tourist numbers is it “plus Lord Ashcroft”? Does it count, am I an official tourist for 2009 sir?

    • P: We will do our best to include you in the figures sir.

    • MA: Erm, but no it was wonderful and to see the mailship there as well was an added bonus because quite clearly I’ve read an enormous amount about the boat that comes to supply you and it was good to see it there but I only wish I could have landed and had a couple of beers before I went on but maybe one day I will be able to. I hope you managed to get a good view of us flying over?

    • P: Err, not myself personally for understandable reasons because I’ve been in a radio studio but we have photographs of you flying over, that’s most certain sir.

    • MA: Alright, well have a good day to everyone there and my best wishes and I would like the island to know that in the House of Lords there is a friend of St Helena that will be there and, looking out and speaking on behalf of the Island.

    • P: Thank you very much to visiting us in your very own way sir and I’m sure you will be a great and staunch supporter of St Helena and it’s development in the future.

    • MA: Alright, good wishes to everyone.

    • P: Thank you very much for that sir and have a nice flight to South America.

2 thoughts on “In the House of Lords there is a friend of St Helena”

  1. Personally speaking, I would like to thank Lord Ashcroft for at least taking the time to visit us in his “very own way”, if it did little else, it most certainly made last Sunday a particularly spectacular event here on St Helena and I therefore sincerely hope that we are one day able to have such visitors land and meet the British residents remaining in this oft forgotten corner of the British Empire…

  2. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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