8 thoughts on “The Sun”

  1. Well done Tom. I doubt the apology will get the same column inches compared to the lies they originally published.

  2. I believe the UK Libel laws need an urgent overhaul.
    Are you aware Mr. Watson, that the USA are now threatening to block our websites, and refuse to allow their newspapers here because of libel tourism ?


    I don’t think winning a libel case, under the present regime is anything AT ALL to smile about, or even to boast about considering how the rest of the free (really free) world looks upon us.

  3. You might have employed a skywriter . . .

    . . . I might have felt sorry for them in their humiliation, I could have spared a nanosec I’m sure . . .

    Is it true they have lost 150,000 copies in the past few months?

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