It’s such a shame that the first genuine website to take the daily cross-party temperature on the issues of the day has had to effectively end this way. PoliticsHome has been bought by Conservative Party vice-chairman Lord Ashcroft, prompting the resignation, with honour, of Editor-in-Chief Andrew Rawnsley.

In Andrew’s words:

“I became editor-in-chief on the basis that PoliticsHome was dedicated to being a non-partisan site clearly independent of any party both editorially and financially,” said Rawnsley, who is associate editor and chief political commentator of the Observer.

“It was essential for users of the site that they could feel absolute confidence in the political independence of PoliticsHome. I do not believe that can be compatible with being under the ownership of the deputy chairman of the Conservative party.”

“I therefore greatly regret the decision made by Stephan Shakespeare, the chairman, to do a deal which places PoliticsHome under the ownership of Michael Ashcroft, the deputy chairman of the Conservative party. The site has been folded along with ConservativeHome into a new entity in which Lord Ashcroft is the majority shareholder.”

I’ve resigned as a panel member too. I’m certain that I won’t be the only one. What a great shame.

See also, Sunny at Liberal Conspiracy.
Tom Harris
Martin Bright, who recruited me to the PoliticsHome panel has made a statement too.

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