Joe Murphy with an Evening Standard “Exclusive”

“In an exclusive Evening Standard interview, the former home secretary said Mr Brown should consider standing down, perhaps citing ill health, adding: “I think his own dignity ought to look to that kind f solution.” says Joe Murphy in the Evening Standard.

I don’t want to disappoint Joe but the only thing that would actually make this story a;news and b; exclusive, would be if Charles had given an interview begging Gordon Brown to stay.

The first date I could find an newspaper story that had Charlie calling on Gordon to go was 9th April 2008. Incidentally, it was a news story by James Kirkup in the Telegraph. James seems to have dusted down exactly the same story today. It’s made the front page lead story on the Telegraph web site (again).

A quick Google news search for the phrase ‘”charles clarke” “gordon brown” resign’ yields a mere 15,700 news stories relating to Charles Clarke calling on Gordon Brown to resign. I am not sure how many of these stories were exclusive.

Only 3020 of these news stories relate to Charles calling on Gordon resigning with dignity. 5,140 Charles Clarke/Gordon Brown stories mention resigning for the “good of the party”. 5,300 stories relate to Charles calling on Gordon to resign because “he’s not my friend”. I made that last one up.

I think it is fair to say that Charles Clarke would like Gordon Brown to resign.

5 thoughts on “Joe Murphy with an Evening Standard “Exclusive””

  1. And JP had a good response on his twitter. Charles Clark… billy no mates more like. shut up and piss off ‘for the good of the party’ of course. (Please feel free to do so ‘in a dignified manner’!)

  2. I did enjoy the footage of Clarke’s speech to the (was it Progress?) meeting. There were more microphones around him than people in the room.

    I’ve no doubt his 3000-odd majority is safe – not least because Gordon has been fighting successfully to get the Party back on the front foot.

    Just as well, really, as who would want to employ a somewhat chippy, quite disloyal ex-minister who lost every policy battle he ever fought with GB?

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