Attractive conservative women MPs

Alan Scard, Conservative Party chairman in Gosport will support David Cameron in his efforts to get more women MPs provided they are attractive. Mr Scard says “I know it’s a sexist thing to say but you could get the blokes saying ‘Oh you know, I would vote for her because she’s really attractive’.” Gosport Conservative Association is currently organising a selection to replace Sir Peter Viggers.

5 thoughts on “Attractive conservative women MPs”

  1. I think a re-think of the notion that Governments can lose elections should be considered.

    I’m coming more to the conclusion that the Opposition actually like it.

    Let’s have Guido back on newsnight offering such insights into our would-be rulers.

    Funny how Conservatives were last heard of in the last Century, cherishing a previous Century’s stigma of women and poor people.

    ….and they want a return to riding on horseback while howling a delight at killing baby foxes!

    Somebody handed them the wrong script.

  2. The only time I heard Paul Staines on the radio the BBC had to issue an apology for the libel he uttered about Peter Hain pdq.

    I think I saw him on TV, but missed whatever his utterance was. It has been suggested that Iain Dale’s TV/radio career is promoted by comparison to Staines performances.

    I wonder if they will resurrect Douglas Hogg, to return to our screens with a fox cub, to blood some unfortunate child r/t?

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