The vortex of politics

On reflection, this week wasn’t the most relaxing of family breaks to Cornwall. And for those that revel in these things, I can say with some certainty, that at times, it was the most miserable I have ever been.

Still, I did read another book. Perhaps I might add Echoes of an Autobiography by Naguib Mahfouz to the list of 25 others, that have interested more book readers than I anticipated last week. (Is it only a week since I published the list? Seems like an epoch.)

The book gave moments of fragmentary pleasure during a dreadful week. As Mahfouz wrote “there whispered in my ear a voice at dawn: ‘Congraulations to you – the time for making your farewells has been decreed.’ Deeply affected I closed my eyes and saw my funeral moving along, with myself at its head carrying a large glass filled with the nectar of life”

7 thoughts on “The vortex of politics”

  1. Back in 1703 Daniel Defoe spent three days in a pillory and some time in Newgate Prison for satirising Tories.

    Thankfully we live in more enlightened times (but try telling that to the libertarians who hanker after an imagined country populated by blissfully happy Britons free to do just as they pleased).

  2. Dear Tom,

    Don’t worry, I’m not about to harangue you about the recent news. Best wishes, in fact, if you had nothing to do with it all.

    I’ve been reading the news lately with great interest. I’m very interested in politics and but for the depths to which those seeking political advantage will stoop, could be persuaded to become more involved. Perhaps it’s been like that for ages, perhaps not.

    What I am interested in is your analysis: at what point does a governing party changes from being idealistic, driven and sure of it’s direction to holding power for power’s sake, beholden to corporate interests and willing to engage in the politics we’ve seen of late?

    Ironically, we need the idealistic Labour party of ’97 to sweep the current Labour party from office. Where have our civil liberties gone? Any sign of an ethical foreign policy? Let’s get rid of this sleaze… oh, sorry, that was the Tories, but then, you can’t tell the difference any more.

  3. I also went to Cornwall last weekend.

    Got stuck in traffic jams on the A30, M5, M4 on Monday. It took us nine hours to get back to London. A miserable journey indeed.

  4. Pleased to see you’ve progressed past the Beano and the AEEU Union News and of course you’re all time favourite, ‘the Sport’. Of course it could have been worse tom… you could have been in the News of The World! However I’m still concerned about you reading novels by authors who’s names I can’t even pronouce and did you put the ‘Nectar of Life’, on you’re expenses? Did you notice I didn’t swear once?

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