Nico Bentley

I spent an interesting few hours in the company of composer Nico Bentley this weekend. Apart from him not having heard of TheThe he was a thoroughly decent guy.

To talk to a young creator about the potential for the digital world to support his profession was fascinating. He didn’t have all the answers but was happy with the current disruption in the music industry.

2 thoughts on “Nico Bentley”

  1. Fancy Nico not knowing about the The The! Agree with you, however, this solecism could be overlooked in such a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist/ composer!

    On a lighter note, you may be interested to hear that I included a link to your blog and commented (very flatteringly, I assure you!) about it (and some others including Andrew Sullivan’s & Iain Dale’s) in a recent post in my own (The Johnson Diaries-Life on the Edge at I do enjoy your posts – always something interesting and different to report – and look forward to more of the same!

    Best wishes, Nora

  2. ha ha, well thank you very much!

    I have looked up the the and i will be sure to scrub up for our next conversation.

    However I need a favour, a bit cheeky I know but its to do with the project I’m working on, could you email me and I will explain.

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