2 thoughts on “Recycling tycoon”

  1. Tom, with regards to the Sandwell St Georges Day Parade in Hateley Heath, what I would like to know is why it was abandoned completely when it was widely known that the end result would be a total BNP takeover of the rally? (Take a look at their website and it has already been updated to say that they will be leading a rally on the day regardless).

    It is clear that feelings are running high and many people do want to see a parade. Why not take this as an opportunity to work with the organisers to improve it, starting with a new route – perhaps along the high street? And to try and push out the racist (and let’s not beat about the bush here, it’s clearly been on display) undercurrent why not get the ‘hope not hate’ bus involved? Also, keeping the crowds separate from the parade would be a good idea and would keep the idiots with the political agenda clearly separate.

    Just a few thoughts, I hope you take the issue seriously Tom. If not the result could be very nasty indeed come May.

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