Lord Ashcroft – “politicians spin themselves out of reality”

Lord Ashcroft is to be investigated by the Electoral Commission. Meanwhile, back in Belize, Lord Ashcroft’s bank – the one that he owns – is not getting on with the government.

The newspaper article attributes the above quote to the Tory donor. Ironic, given that he has managed to evade answering the question about his tax affairs for many years. And how many professional journalists work in the Parliamentary lobby?

Nick Robinson, why don’t you just get a straight answer out of David Cameron so that the nation can know the facts?

3 thoughts on “Lord Ashcroft – “politicians spin themselves out of reality””

  1. And compromise the wonderful impartiality of the BBC? Or better known as the Brown Bias Corporation. I suspect that pretty soon any claim against the Tory party will be fully investigated by your party’s propaganda arm. But then again, socialists have always been inspired by fascism

  2. You tories really have to stop this silly ‘bias’ BBC stuff – they report the news.

    You’re so obsessed with them not showing your side that you mostly fail to realise that the Tory party have nothing of interest to say – when they do it will be reported.

    Leave the BBC alone, or you’ve lost the next election before it’s even happened.

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