Chris Grayling – Law and Order, Israel-Palestine and boycotts

A curious interview with Chris Grayling. I find the Shadow Home Secretary’s answer to the question on the academic boycott a little evasive. Surely you can be an “honest broker” and have a view on whether boycotting Israeli goods is a good or bad thing.

JN: Do you oppose boycott proposals when it comes to academic or just general Israeli goods?

CG: I think it’s not an area we should get involved in discussing because I think the moment you start to say I want a boycott or I don’t want a boycott or it’s right or it’s wrong, you’re putting yourself in a position where you can’t be that honest broker. So I think people can suggest what they want but I think the job of the government in this country is to be part of an international effort to try and take the Middle East towards peace.


#1 Mo on 03.01.09 at 5:55 pm

’course it’s evasive. there’s no right answer to that question.

#2 Links of the week | Political Penguin on 03.06.09 at 10:29 pm

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