Chris Grayling – Law and Order, Israel-Palestine and boycotts

A curious interview with Chris Grayling. I find the Shadow Home Secretary’s answer to the question on the academic boycott a little evasive. Surely you can be an “honest broker” and have a view on whether boycotting Israeli goods is a good or bad thing.

JN: Do you oppose boycott proposals when it comes to academic or just general Israeli goods?

CG: I think it’s not an area we should get involved in discussing because I think the moment you start to say I want a boycott or I don’t want a boycott or it’s right or it’s wrong, you’re putting yourself in a position where you can’t be that honest broker. So I think people can suggest what they want but I think the job of the government in this country is to be part of an international effort to try and take the Middle East towards peace.

Lord Ashcroft – “politicians spin themselves out of reality”

Lord Ashcroft is to be investigated by the Electoral Commission. Meanwhile, back in Belize, Lord Ashcroft’s bank – the one that he owns – is not getting on with the government.

The newspaper article attributes the above quote to the Tory donor. Ironic, given that he has managed to evade answering the question about his tax affairs for many years. And how many professional journalists work in the Parliamentary lobby?

Nick Robinson, why don’t you just get a straight answer out of David Cameron so that the nation can know the facts?