Six out of eight of the highest paid local council officials are in Conservative administrations

Even though he has one of the best front pages to a political website I’ve seen in ages, Eric Pickles cannot escape a little scrutiny from the “Tories plan purge of town hall ‘fat cats'” story by Sam Coates in today’s times.

According to the story, the Tories will clamp down on the pay of local government Chief Executives. But take a look at the list. Six out of eight of the councils listed in the story are Conservative led ie they can sort it out now if they wanted. The luxury of opposition does not apply for Tories in all too many local authority areas these days. If Mr Pickles seeks to push down Chief Executive salaries, the Conservatives could sort it out now. I do hope that Mr Pickles will be challenged on this – he really should give an explanation unless he wants to earn the “Do Nothing” tag like his boss.


#1 fedupwithyoulot@150kp.a on 12.31.08 at 10:36 pm

anything is better than a labour government.

enjoy 2009

#2 Michael Cross on 01.02.09 at 8:39 am

It also occurs to me that the Tories’ proposed ‘economic areas’ running local authority shared services (though isn’t this government policy anyway?) would want to recruit a new tier of super chief execs, presumably on private sector terms and conditions. Even fatter cats, in the vernacular.

#3 Hmmm, ah - but - who is the government now? « Will Rhodes Portmanteau on 01.03.09 at 3:29 am

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#4 Primly Stable on 01.05.09 at 6:16 pm

Funny how the Tories claim to hate spin and PR while cheerily spinning away on stories like this that even Alistair Campbell would have balked at…

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