Ken Clarke spin derails Osborne relaunch. Grassroots say bring back David Davis.

A third of Conservative party activists think George Osborne should go, according to a ConservativeHome survey (usual caveats on accuracy to be considered).

The Guardian seem to have been the victims of spin or have just got the emphasis of the story out of kilter with what Tory members are actually saying. Their piece carries the headline “Bring back Kenneth Clarke, party members tell Cameron as Tory reshuffle speculation grows” but if you look at the survey more deeply, it shows you that nearly as many activists do not want Ken Clarke back.

3 out of 4 activists want David Davis back though. So the headline should really have been “Bring back David Davis, party members tell Cameron”.

There have been a number of informed stories this week suggesting that Mr Clarke is returning to shadow-government. Significantly for Westminster watchers, he’s slimmed down his portfolio of outside activities in recent months. This could be because he’s 68 and taking it easy or that he’s been quietly preparing for a return for some time.

Having been on the receiving end of reshuffle speculation, the one thing I do know is that nothing is certain until they’re done, so there may still be hope for Mr Davis but it doesn’t look promising for him today.

4 thoughts on “Ken Clarke spin derails Osborne relaunch. Grassroots say bring back David Davis.”

  1. Hello Jackart,

    You’re welcome on the site but four ‘punchy’ comments in 10 minutes may be deemed by some as a little excessive. Throw a few stones now and again but try and join in the conversation a little too.

  2. The tory reshuffle is getting farcial in the way it keeps being put off only to be spun again the next month.

    This can only be distracting to the shadow cabinet who have to keep briefing to maintain their positions.
    Spellman ?
    Duncan ?
    Pickles ?
    Grieve ?
    Osborne ?
    Villiers ?

    I’m also surprised at Cameron for allowing those ‘crackdown on part time tories ‘ stories to run again only for him to back down…again.

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