3 thoughts on “Drive for Change”

  1. Once again the public sector fails to understand the need for formal training programmes – but before that you need to know what you are trying to do. If you really want public sector organisations to change (and many of us believe that you need to want that and deliver it), then start with the people at the top. If they are not fully aware of and committed to what is needed, those below then will quickly loose heart, or maybe not even get moving at all.
    More and more I’m coming round to understanding that from about 2002 this Labour govt found itself unable to bring about the necessary changes in public administration that were heralded by its work in the early years – but I still do not know why. At the time I was attending as a volunteer a Working Group in the public sector, close to the centre, and the programme proposed for that particular corner of the public sector was not given the funding or the authority necessary. We are reaping the harvest of that failure now.

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