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Social Networks: The case for a ‘pause’ button. Funny but useful.
Vice President: The worst nominee in US history. I’ve fought some tough elections in my time but this stuff is just plain nasty. American columnists: perspective please.
Cory Doctrow: The things that make me weak and strange get engineered away. He may be a krypto-trotskyist but he’s a science-fiction writer too and I like him.
Liffey crossing: Fears for the O’Connell bridge. Save it, please.
Mission creep: how to be an interesting civil service blogger

5 thoughts on “Interesting links”

  1. You’re right about the nasty article on Palin; but thanks to that I found something that Alaska (and other States) are doing – the online State checkbook. Literally all expenditure over $1000 (minus some deemed confidential by the State’s lawyers) – downloadable as pdf or as a spreadsheet. Very very neat open government – and great for anyone who’s interested in government contracts..
    (not that this makes me like Palin – clearly she’s as dangerous as any Republican – but it’s a good example of what American govs are doing online)

  2. Is the HuffPo piece really that bad? Seems to make some perfectly valid points without getting into the childish, misogynistic name-calling beloved of the likes of Guido’s gang over here.

    And Palin’s lack of experience IS laughable.

  3. And in case you needed proof, check out the “political daughters” post on Order-Order, in which Guido somehow manages to sink to a whole new low in order to make a pretty spurious point about leftie journalists.

  4. Re: Doctrow a ‘krypto-trotskyist’
    Judging someone’s political beliefs on the basis of their parents’ stance? How very Stalinist!

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