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Hurricane Gustav: social media activists lend their support

Gustav could be so serious that John McCain has considered postponing the Republican Convention.

Meanwhile, the other Tom Watson looks set to re-write a chapter in his book manuscript – Cause Wired – to account for the difference in social media activism between the times of Hurricane Katrina and now, Gustav.

Tom believes that “the flow of information online in the months (and sadly, years) after Katrina was a milestone in online social activism, a time when real people organized to hold their government accountable, raise money, and try to rebuild damaged lives.”

Alas, he also says “Like the CauseWired movement itself, New Orleans is still a work in progress – even as the camera trucks head back to the Gulf.”

But already before the hurricane hits the US, bloggers, tweeters and onlineists are coming together to share experiences, information and ideas. See:

Gustav Information Centre
Hurricane Gustav Twitter tracking and Gustav Twitter tracking in real time.
Gustav weather maps
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Craigslist Gustav help feed (shared rides, free accomodation and cranky stuff too)
Hurricane Gustav resources blog
BBC report the press conference of the Mayor New Orleans who has issued a madatory evacuation notice for the storm of the century. They add a a slightly cumbersome “tell us your story” style box at the end.
Now a
Gustav Wiki
Gustav on a mobile
Update 2:
Blackwater private security are hiring people for the “aftermath” of the hurricane.
Twitter feeds: Hurricane2008, Hurricane alerts, Fort Worth Star Telegram’s hurricane alert
Banksy lacking subtlety gets in on the act