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  1. Off topic I know but I need to rant! Do your e-government responsibilities include call-centres? If your other initiatives are to be implemented and operated as poorly as these bits of government-owned technology seem to be then I’m afraid you’re doomed to failure.

    I started being involved with call centre technology 20 years ago. It seems that the equipment and systems you’ve got installed at the NI Contributions Office and at the Tax Credit department (to name but two) may be less sophisticated than the stuff we had in the insurance business over a decade ago.

    The truth is probably that, even if the systems were properly implemented, they’re now being very poorly run. That’s why they make elementary mistakes such as answering calls when there aren’t enough agents to cope with the call volumes. So the hapless caller has to pay for the call, has to listen to a perky announcement and only then learns that they’ll have to call back at some mythical future less busy time.

    If we’d had such poorly run systems in financial services we’d have soon lost our customers; perhaps therein lies part of the answer. As well as employing some competent systems managers, you should establish more than one NI Contributions Office (for example) so that your customers (ie the great British public) can take their business elsewhere when one is so hopeless…


  2. What’s your view on the local election results Tom? Labour in 3rd place?

    Can Cameron survive this?

  3. I wonder if Billy will write a song about
    the cool winds, dust and tumbleweeds blowing
    across this abandoned site?

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