Sandwell’s first ever Holocaust memorial service

It was quite a moving ceremony this morning. Sandwell borough had the first of what I hope will be an annual service to commemorate the Holocaust and other genocides.

A small memorial stone was dedicated. The British Legion were at their best and we heard a small contribution from Mr Cohen, who spoke movingly to an audience of about 100.

Well done to all the people who made this happen. You should be proud of yourselves. I hope that next year, the event will be bigger and attract cross party support as well as the involvement of other community and faith groups.
Sandwell's Holocaust Memorial

11 thoughts on “Sandwell’s first ever Holocaust memorial service”

  1. If you are so concerned about what the Nazis did during the Holocaust, then why are you supporting a modern Nazi movement. I refer of course to the European Treaty that your wonderful leader (The Lying Scotsman) has signed up to. After all is it really that different to Hitlers dream of a united Europe ??

    Mr S Kendall

  2. How ridiculous is it to compare the European Treaty with Hitler’s vision of a united Europe??? Come on, read Joachim Fest’s biography about Hitler first before you make such stupid comments.
    Btw, I might have missed it but I didn’t spot the bit in the European Treaty that mentions “Lebensraum” for the Teutonic master race or the reopening of Auschwitz, which page is that on then?

  3. Sadly, the other parties did not participate. It’s important that we build a consensus for this event next year.

  4. The memorial day needs to happen now, as the generation who were old enough to see the effect on fellow humans of a deep seated belief that history is made because of racial superiority is getting old. – Oh Mr Kendup,or whatever his name was, the chap who had the rant above – can’t surely think our Government should not sign up to mechanisms that allow us to work in liaison and co-operation with other Europeans?
    Can’t agree with him, he should change the newspaper he reads.

  5. I am surprised that the Liberals did not attend, after an admittedly junior and seemingly out of control activist from Bearwood made a disgraceful falsehood about our campaign in Newton pandering to BNP voters- [and well spotted, Bob Piper].

  6. The sad thing is the Tories and the Lib Dems spoke passionately about the Holocaust and the need to support Holocaust Memorial Day in Sandwell when we moved the resolution in Council. I agree with Tom though, we don’t need to be sectarian about this, it is important that we get the non-fascist political parties to support the day. We also need to build support in the community for the event, and in particular in our secondary schools to ensure our children get the message of ‘never again’.

    S. Kendall is clearly one of those single issue fanatics who would introduce the subject of the European Treaty into any conversation in order to try to attract attention to his passion.

  7. Well done Sandwell. We have had a Holocaust Memorial stone in Kidderminster from when the Day was first inaugurated andhave a simple multifaith service of committal there every year. It is very moving!

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