Now I do feel sorry for Iain Dale

Candidate set to be Tories’ first black woman MP tried to stand for Labour just two years ago.

Though he shows remarkable resilience in his support of the Conservative candidate for Maidstone, Iain Dale must be absolutely hopping mad about the revelation that Helen Grant tried to stand for Labour less than two years ago.

I know exactly why the Tories are fast tracking candidates but it must be sickening to be as experienced as Iain and get hoofed out of the race by someone with zero party experience.

Conservative Home has an interesting array of views on the matter.

6 thoughts on “Now I do feel sorry for Iain Dale”

  1. Iain – Thank you. You know I don’t want to lose touch πŸ˜‰ Actually, I might pick your brains on a couple of things if you don’t mind. Perhaps by email though.

    LFAT – These things happen but it must hurt people who have served their party for many years.

  2. Well who knows how Helen Lit, sorry Grant will fare, sorry confusing her with another candidate who has rapidly changed beliefs…..Tony are you still backing David Cameron’s Conservatives? LOL

  3. Leaving Iain out of it for a moment (what is this love-in all about, btw?) it appears that Helen Grant is a prime example of what Peter Oborne would call the Political Class. It doesn’t particularly matter what she believes, or which party she represents, the objective is to secure power by whatever means. I am not as cynical as some in my former profession, and I do try to see the best in people, but I’m afraid I find it more than coincedental that her Damascene conversion occurred shortly after David Cameron made the Tories electable again.

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