Just a bit tired but can you help me?

There have already been many amusing moments with this new cabinet office job. When I get time to string a few paragraphs together, I’ll blog about them. Top of the list must be the security guard who nearly escorted me off the premises for using a mobile phone (fair cop). I managed to make an escape but I’m checking for wanted posters at the front door each morning. So far, so good.

I have some responsibility for technology projects and want to use the blog to ask for some advice and ideas. Assuming you’ve already got world peace, free beer and legislation to save Scrabulous on Facebook as ministerial priorities, what should I be working on? What can I push the techies who work for the government to do that will make a practical improvement to people’s lives?

It’s at times like this that I wish I was smarter at all this stuff. If I was, I’d design a one page “Tell Tom” site where you could describe the project you think the clever people at the Ministry should be working on. A sort of “Fix my Street” for government web sites. All ideas welcome and who knows, you might actually make a difference.


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