A stark contrast of feast and famine in the newspaper industry

“On Thursday I’ll pack my last box and take leave of a place where I’ve spent 26 of my 41 years in journalism, including 16 as managing editor of the Journal… Today, all around me is an industry in upheaval, with slumping revenues and stocks, layoffs, and takeovers of publishers that a decade ago seemed impregnable.”

Paul E Steiger, outgoing boss of the Wall Street Journal writes a fascinating piece on the future of newspapers.

Friends of Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera International (or Al Jazeera English as we were forced to call it after objections from the Arabic news channel) was launched 13 months ago.

Since then two things have happened: First, the channel has built itself a reputation as an authoritative news source on world issues, offering a different perspective from the likes of CNN and BBC…

The second thing that has happened is that the people who have been responsible for this phenomenal innovation in the world of broadcasting have been treated like shit.”

That doesn’t sound very good to me. Does it to you?