13 thoughts on “Iain Dale on Andy Hayman”

  1. So, basically you agree with me. Why not just say so? I’ll express it how I like, but thank you for your no doubt well meant advice. It means a lot. xx

  2. Actually I don’t know where that story is from. Neither do you. Do you?

    How’s Maidstone going? I’m thinking of paying another visit.

  3. You got be kidding, I’m sure both of you can’t live without each other, because every week, Tom puts something about Iain and Iain comes here to say something…=)

  4. Interesting this:

    Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski, Shrewsbury. Accused postal workers of being involved or implicated in Labour electoral fraud a few years ago.

    There was no evidence found, but I heard that he fabricated the whole story, and that in fact it was Tory supporting postal workers who were feeding Danny Boy this disinformation. After realising that the disinformation was working in his favour, he decided to roll with it. He is aware of these facts didnt inform the cops.

    Now we have missing ID discs in the post…. I wouldn’t put it past the Tories.

    Edward Leigh, Tory old boy, them comes up with some old emails to try and implicate Darling.

    HMRC must be infiltrated with Tory spin doctor moles.

  5. Just flicked through your recent posts and found that your main interest has been Iain Dale’s intentions. Surely there are more interesting things, such as:

    The Abrahams Conspiracy
    The Northern Rock Swindle
    The Top Brass Mutiny
    The Security Guard Cover Up
    The Migration Number Debacle
    The CGT Climbdown
    And the Election that never was

    I thought one of the points of a MP blog is to provide another way of talking to your constituents and the rest of the country, not inter-blog sniping.

  6. Possibly Frank but from where I’m sitting, not nearly as much fun as teasing Iain. He knows I’m only joshing with him.

  7. Hi

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  8. Iain is going to have to invest in skin-thickening ointment if he hopes to carry his weight as an MP. The many snarky outbursts from Iain (and the anonymous ones that seem to follow him everywhere like a bad smell) don’t do him any favours at all. Still, he’s got the whole ‘spin’ thing down pat… and he often manages to get away with it while portraying himself as an enemy of spin.

    Notice, for instance, that following 18DoughtyStreet’s brave plunge into the future without sofas, that here Iain takes the time to make a report regarding a sofa that is entering, not leaving, the building. Even on the smallest of points, he just can’t help himself.

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