Birmingham is not China

I can’t quite believe that the political leadership of Birmingham City council would not know that restricting access to a web site about the terms and conditions of employees would lead to a censorship row.

6 thoughts on “Birmingham is not China”

  1. Birmingham is indeed not in China… although Tory Council Leader Mike Whitby spends so much time there on junkets errm, sorry, promoting the City, that he could be forgiven for confusing the two.

  2. Yes Bob who needs China? Not the people employed at Nanjing after Whitby secured a deal atLongbridge.

    I can’t believe that Brum Labour sat on their hands while they were in power and failed to do anything about single status and now have the cheek to criticise the Tories for acting upon their agreement. Who drew up the single status agreement? The Unions, the Labour controlled council and the Labour Government. Hmmmm

  3. Talk rubbish in haste, West Brom Blogger and repent at leisure. Sadly for you… you’re hopelessly wrong. The Single Status agreement was a national agreement, not a local agreement so it wasn’t any single Council agreement, whichever one you are inferring is to blame.

    Equally sadly for you, the implementation date of the Single Status agreement was 1st April 1997… which as even you must know was exactly a month before the glorious day the nation threw the Tories out on their arses. So if you’re looking for a government to blame you know where to look.

    Gun, load, aim at foot…. fire!

  4. I was under the impression that this was an agreement between local government and the trade unions? Either way I do know the trade unions agreed to the deal which basically robbed Peter to pay Paul. To be now moaning that Peter is being robbed ( in some cases horrendously) to pay Paul seems a little ironic.

  5. It isn’t ironic. It was a crap agreement. The unions should never have signed it. Why should they get the local government employers off the hook because they had discriminated against women. The local government employers were also stupid, they shouldn’t have signed it without getting some commitment out of John Major to fund the agreement. That’s what Labour did with the equivalent in the NHS… Agenda For Change.

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