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Birmingham is not China

I can’t quite believe that the political leadership of Birmingham City council would not know that restricting access to a web site about the terms and conditions of employees would lead to a censorship row.

Conservative MP Richard Bacon: Cameron went too far

Tony Wright MP: Can I say one more thing, you played the clips from PMQs just now and I thought, it was a very excitable session so … but I think the bit where David Cameron shouldn’t have gone which is where he said there were questions of integrity about the PM – and I know that we play these games about accusing people of lacking integrity, but I think actually that is going too far because there’s no evidence at all that Gordon Brown knew anything about this.
Martha Kearney:   Richard Bacon, do you think that David Cameron did go too far?
Richard Bacon:   Well, perhaps in the heat of the moment he did. As Tony said these things do get very excited.

Iain Dale on Andy Hayman

I found the article in the Sunday Times about Andy Hayman a little odd too but Iain Dale should put more effort into his knocking copy, now that he is an official canadidate to be prospective conservative candidate in Maidstone. Less vulgarity, more facts Iain. Oh and I see the major new investment has been made in the replacement for Tory TV!

Music while you drive

Whilst on the subject of Japan, I sincerely hope that politicians in search of a vision or policy momentum do not click on the link to Japanese melody roads.