David Cameron – Register of Members’ interests

This extract from the Register intrigued me:

To facilitate my travel in my capacity as Leader of the Opposition since December 2005 I have received helicopter and private plane travel from the following:
JCB Research Ltd
Jonathan Green retired businessman from London
Lord Harris
Harris Ventures Ltd
Michael Spencer
JC Bamford Excavators Ltd
Community Security Trust charity
Henry Lawson of Henfield Lodge Aviation Ltd, Henfield
Mr Andrew Cook, through William Cook Holdings, Sheffield
(The details of the travel provided have been provided to the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.)

It was the sentence in brackets that got me. So I asked the Registrar to provide me with a copy of the submission. It’s worth reproducing here, as I don’t think that it is published in the main register.

I don’t know any of the companies or what type of private plane was taken. All information and analysis will, as ever, be gratefully received.

JCB Research Ltd

13 Dec 2005, helicopter flight Birmingham to Warwick

1 May 2007, helicopter flight London to Crewe; Crewe to Llandudno; and Llandudno to London. (Registered 14 May 2007)

Jonathan Green

20 Dec 2005, plane flight London to Edinburgh; Edinburgh to Cardiff; Cardiff to London

28 June 2006, return flight to Prague

Michael Spencer

6 Jan 2006, return plane flight London to Paris

Lord Harris

12 Dec 2005, return helicopter flight London to Leeds

5 Mar 2006, return helicopter flight Oxfordshire to Llandudno

6 Mar 2006, return helicopter flight London to Liverpool

5 Apr 2006, helicopter, London-Basingstoke-Gosport-London

27 Apr 2006, helicopter, London-Bury-Newcastle-London

5 May 2006, helicopter, London-Coventry-Chorley-Bassetlaw-London

21 July 2006, helicopter London-Leicester-Leeds-Oxford

20 October 2006, helicopter, London-Sunderland-Newcastle-Manchester-London

20 Nov 2006, helicopter, Battersea-York-Bury-Stafford-Battersea (R 2/11/06)

11 Jan 07, helicopter, Leicester to Oxford (R 26/1/07)

19 Jan 07, helicopter, Leeds to Oxford (R26/1/07)

23 Feb 07, helicopter, Bolton to Oxford (R20/3/07)

23 and 24 May 2007, helicopter, London to Newtown, Powys in Wales and return on 24 May. (Registered 29 June 2007)

JC Bamford Excavators Ltd

16 June 2006, helicopter, London-Blaenau Gwent-Manchester-Goodwood

30 Sept 2006, helicopter, Battersea to Bournemouth

4 Nov 2006, return helicopter flight Daylesford to Milton Keynes R 27/11/06)

4 March 2007, return helicopter flight Oxford to Cardiff (R20/3/07)

Henry Lawson, Henfield Lodge Aviation Ltd

9 March 2007, private plane from Birmingham to Dundee, and from Dundee to Northolt, (Registered 20 March 2007)

29 March 2007, helicopter from Battersea to Broughton Airfield (North Wales); to Telford; to Hereford; and to Battersea. (Registered 18 April 2007)

20 April 2007, helicopter from Exeter to Battersea. (Registered 2 May 2007)

27 April 2007, helicopter from London to Cardiff; Cardiff to Filton; and Filton to London. (Registered 14 May 2007)

30 April 2007, helicopter from Glasgow to Berwick; and Berwick to London. (Registered 14 May 2007)

4 May 2007, helicopter from Blackpool to Torbay; and Torbay to Oxford. (Registered 14 May 2007)

Andrew Cook, William Cook Holdings, Sheffield

19 April 2007, private plane from Carlisle to Exeter. (Registered 2 May 2007)

6 July 2007, private plane from Teeside Airport to Oxford Airport. (Registered 26 July 2007)

6 thoughts on “David Cameron – Register of Members’ interests”

  1. At a rough calculation, that amounts to about 2.25 tonnes of carbon emissions.

    The first JCB entry is interesting; it’s at the Goodwood Circuit. Chichester (Goodwood) Aerodrome has a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P781) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction as authorised by the licensee (Goodwood Road Racing Company Limited).

    Kidlington (Oxford) is the closest airfield to Witney.

    The shortest flight I can see is JSB Research, from Birmingham to Warwick. That seems like an unnecessary flight.

    It is very difficult to give prices, as it depends on the precise route taken, IFR/VFR, time of landing, which airport and so on. By way of a rough comparison, a King Air 200 (the most successful turboprop bizjet by a long way) would cost ITRO £3400 for a one-way flight to Paris (which includes flying the plane back without the passenger/cargo!). I’d say that chartering a small helicopter would be on the order of a couple of grand an hour, which would comfortably get you to Birmingham.

  2. Interesting, Tom. I’m glad to see you making the case for more information. Just wondering, how did you vote in the infamous Maclean Bill? The one that wanted to exempt MPs from revealing their expenses etc under Freedom of Information?

    If you voted for that Bill, then it would strike me as strange that you seem keen on revealing information in one area, while concealing it in another.

    If, on the other hand, you voted against that Bill, then I applaud your consistency.

    Kind regards,

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