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What Sunday nights were made for

If you want to go to be early do not click on the link to the Living Room Candidate site. Politicos will not be able to resist.

Reclaiming Margaret Thatcher

I counted William Hague mention Mrs Thatcher eight times in his speech. The Tory high command treat Margaret Thatcher a bit like Boris Johnson’s beloved routemaster bus. She waits years for an appreciative word and then a fleet of them arrive at once.


More funny than Paul Delaire Staines at Guido, less obsequious than Iain Dale, more informative than Labour home, less partisan than me – I am very much enjoying Westmonster.

James Purnell

Will James become the most photoshopped cabinet minister in history? Personally, I think they should have finished the job and given him a tie in that hospital shot.

Being photoshopped is the modern political equivalent of making it into a newspaper cartoon. The evening mail once did a number on me for the teens page on this site. They turned me into Ali G. It ended up being passed around the members tea room causing much hilarity amongst my “friends”.