6 thoughts on “Upsy Daisy”

  1. Well, maybe Tobermory will return to normal at last and I can spend a quiet holiday there again.

    Your “hypnotizing the bottle” pic is on the local party newssheet again – powerfully mesmeric too??

  2. I am a bit confused over the Cameroonian blue sheen. I was under the impression that it keeps changing. Soft hug a hoodie plue blue, dark bring in Redwood blue and sometimes turquoise. I assume this is blue with a touch of green. I have seen Tory rosettes of this hue. If I am confused imagine how those poor Tories must feel.

  3. On a more serious note. What do you mean? do I not take the Conservative and Unionist party seriously? The “mistake” of the dolls being the wrong colour and the way the manufacturers have tried to wriggle out of it reminds me of the bouchier of a certain motor vehicle manufacturer leaving out pictures of black workers from a group photograph.

  4. Speaking of toys and the like. I finally got the Games post up – responding to Cam and his review of video game nasties. It’s here. Interesting in relation to this thing about games and age groups the Militainment recruitment games made by the US military are rated 7+. Realistic deathly violence – unlike say Rayman, Simpsons, Ratchet and Clank etc – but absolutely no sex. Which is grand.

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