Great idea

Next time I contact Vodafone, I’m going to use this service that records and then logs your calls online.

Actually Vodafone customer services has got considerably better in the last few years, though they still keep sending me phones with parts that fall off. The current Nokia N73 that I was persuaded to buy because it took great pictures is useless. Texts take forever to open and the button that moves the cursor around the screen can’t move rightwards (insert gag here).

3 thoughts on “Great idea”

  1. In the comments of that article …

    Vodafone have a great policy of allowing their staff to cut you off if you ask to record the call. They insist that their staff don’t have to let you record the call but will record the call themselves.

  2. I’ve just been given an N70 from work and that’s so slow too, I’m not sure if it’s cause it’s old and been knocked about or if it’s just Nokia’s buggy software.

    My friend has one of those N95’s with the fantastic camera on, gps, wifi and other beeps and whistles but it’s a pain to use cause the menu is really slow to respond to anything you ask it to do.

  3. Well, this is really useful advice, about the recording device. I’ve had 3 weeks with no connection on my Vodaphone mobile now, and feel a bit impotent. I may be a journalist, but at the end of the day I’m only a customer…

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