Great idea

Next time I contact Vodafone, I’m going to use this service that records and then logs your calls online.

Actually Vodafone customer services has got considerably better in the last few years, though they still keep sending me phones with parts that fall off. The current Nokia N73 that I was persuaded to buy because it took great pictures is useless. Texts take forever to open and the button that moves the cursor around the screen can’t move rightwards (insert gag here).

Jeremy Paxman on the future of telly

“Let’s spend less time measuring audiences and more time enlightening them.”

“We need to be open…..We need to admit when we make mistakes. We need treat our viewers with respect, to be frank with them about how and why programmes were made, to be transparent. We need, in short, to rediscover a sense of purpose.”

“And the problem is not going to be addressed until senior people in this industry have the courage to come out and state quite clearly state what television is for…..What’s needed is a manifesto, a statement of belief. There has been a catastrophic, collective loss of nerve.”

“Sometimes you want to sit there and say, ‘Not much has happened today, I’d go to bed if I were you'”

“But, no, the pretence must be maintained that 45 minutes’ worth of discussable material exists. So, we all shout. Right now we could do with less hyperventilating and more deep breathing.”

If they had any sense the BBC top brass would get him to draw up the first draft of the manifesto. Then they would significantly increase the Newsnight budget.

Should the public sector provide free wireless networks?

Or rather, should the public sector be prohibited from providing free WiFi if they decide to do so?

The experience in Prague and Paris is that the EU competition people are going to be dragged into a public/private row they’d rather keep out of.

I’m not very familiar with the arguments in this debate. What do you think?