Think of the future and make it grow

Is it really 25 years ago this year that The Jam disbanded? This new book looks good but the comments from Bruce Foxton look even better. Forget the Spice Girls, if The Jam reformed, it really would make a stir.

6 thoughts on “Think of the future and make it grow”

  1. Morrissey once said when asked of a possible Smiths reunion “I’d love to see Johnny again but feel nothing for Bruce and Rick”. The (Smiths’) drummer and bassist successfuly sued him.

  2. The Jam are from Woking, where I have lived for the last few years. I used to drink with Rick Buckler’s son; he looks exactly the same as his dad. Didn’t Weller say he would never reform with them?

  3. Sounds a bit like a George Michael encounter to me, to quote Foxton from the article……

    “For a while there were a lot of embarrassing glances from one Portakabin to another. Then I nipped to the loo, Paul came in behind me, and it was big hugs all round.”

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