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Cocker hoop

A friend told me last night that the brother of famous Sheffield singer, Joe Cocker, was the boss of troubled water company Severn Trent. Is this true or was he winding me up? And whilst I’m at it, can you name the three Cockers to have had number one hits in the UK?

Northern Ireland Grand Committee

I attended the first meeting of the Northern Ireland Grand Committee yesterday. We were discussing policing. The level of debate was understandably well informed (apologies I can’t find a link) and at times, passionate. Peter Robinson made an extremely well crafted speech. He used a chilling statistic in his contribution. There are 3347 unsolved murders in Northern Irelands. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Lord Stanley Kalms on David Cameron

‘Look, chum, we need to do some rethinking’.

Dim and dimmer

News reaches me that Mr Cameron has just addressed a very empty Rwandan parliament. Halfway through his speech, the lights went out. Quite literally.