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  1. Well well
    thats gotta hurt of your of a blue persuasion.

    i still think GB will hold off untill at least spring but i guess you are in a better position to know!
    any clues Tom?

    P.S well done on Southall

  2. Best of luck Tom

    It’s looking good with disafected ex-Labour people like me taking another look at Brown. We feared Brown would be more of the same but he isn’t.

    Brown seesm like a man liberated. Like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Also despite his reputation for dullness there is real passion there. He is a good speaker and comes over well without that strange paranoid intonation Blair developed over the last 4 years.

    Outside of welcome policy changes the thing that impresses most is that the hectoring tone ( no pun intended) is gone.

    Iraq may have well been the biggest blunder since WWI and sadly 4 years later our troops are now sitting there as target practice for a variety of warlords and militants but if Brown can find a way of bringing them home Labour will move even further ahead. When polticans admit that they got it wrong voters don’t think they are weak. They think they are human.

    But one completely unrelated thing reminded me why I will vote Labour next time. I was at the Science Musuem last week with my daughter and her Spanish pen friend. The girl from Bilbao could not believe all this knowledge was all for free. We spent all day there. She thought that London was the most exciting place she has ever been to. It made me proud to be British far more that a military parade. We then headed off to the souvenir shop to spend the money we would have paid in entrance fees.

    The museum was packed and contrary to Tory myths it was not just the chattering classes. There were enough Cockney accents, England shirts, tatoos and burtly mena pushing buggies to prove otherwise.

    The Tories would take that away and charge us all for something we have already paid for.

    Paul Bower

  3. Paul

    I like the idea that Museums should be free to enter and made a trip from up North to visit the Science Museum and others recently with my wife and two young kids. They have donation boxes which requested that people make voluntary contributions to able the museum to improve the facilities – on average they receive around 2 pence per visitor under this method.

    Surely a level for entrance fees could be found that was small enough not to discourage attendance from any section of society – say £2 for adults, 50p for children, which would enable some additional funding to be raised?

    And to be fair to the Tories, I undertsand that their policy would be to leave it up to the museums themselves as to whether they would charge, rather than them insisting that and entrance fee had to be imposed.

  4. …but the current system must be acceptable to the museums one way or another otherwise they’d all be closing through lack of funding; surely any additional amounts raised (which would be around 100 times the funds currently raised from the visiting public at the moment if the above price levels were used) would be welcome.

    Our museums should attract a core level of funding to enable them to operate at a particular level, but there should be an opportunity for those museums that are the most popular to benefit from this popularity by charging a (nominal) amount on entry.

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