New parliamentary passes

Parliament is to have a bolstered security pass system. At present you swipe your card and the doors open. In future, you’ll have to swipe and type in a PIN code. It’s a sign of the times but will cause some of the more traditionally minded colleagues a degree of irritation.

9 thoughts on “New parliamentary passes”

  1. Glad i’m not around for this! I can only imagine the problems running across from Portcullis House to vote!

  2. I had to use a personal card and a PIN to get into the British Railways computer centre way back in 1974. So you could try telling the old buffers that this is a traditional way of getting through a door into a Very Important Place given that traditional seems now to mean anything that’s been going on for more than about a fortnight. In much of Gloucestershire, for example, not flushing the lav is rapidly becoming traditional…

  3. Any comments on picketing worshippers in your constituency Tom? You are claimed by a Councillor in your local paper to support such a protest.

  4. There is nothing worse than arriving three hours early to an airport and waiting around to either be checked in or after having done so.

    If cause for concern is now being raised over passenger build up, why can’t we have a check in time or a number?

    OK it’s possible to be late. They’ll just have to get in last.

    There would be no reason to queue in any great numbers.

  5. 1234? That’s a stupid number. I use 1459, which is the number to my safe where I lock up all my jewels.

  6. 4321 gets them every time. Schweppes swears by it. Where there’s a hit there’s a writ they say. Where’s there’s a swipe there’s a gripe. Where there’s a pin there’s a din of “Don’t you know who I am?”.

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