£4,800 cheque made payable to the Labour Party

Below is a cheque from Sunrise radio made payable to the Labour Party. You will see that it is dated 15 June 2007. That’s less than a month ago.

Sunrise cheque

11 thoughts on “£4,800 cheque made payable to the Labour Party”

  1. Was it Tony Lit who signed the cheque though? It’s too hard to see!

    Something is certainly not quite right where Mr Lit is concerned.

  2. Oh dear Tom, pointing out the questionable nature of the Tory byelection candidate has upset Praguetory. Get on the next plane to the Czech Republic and kiss it better.

  3. I thought you’d be pleased PT.

    Its something else you can slag Gideon off for – isn’t he in charge of campaigning these days?

  4. Why’s that PT? Surely the plonker is Cameron for not choosing a candidate who actually has some sort of connection to the Tory Party.Lit is such a confirmed Tory he has to stand as a ‘Cameron Conservative’. I think you need a purge on entryists who are joining the Conservative Party, mate. Just like we did with Militant…

  5. You are an absolute plonker for posting this. ~ PragueTory

    Tom seems to be in good company, PT. Most of the newswires are carrying the story. There appears to be ‘plonkers’ everywhere.

    Just pipe down and let us enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Don’t be so hard on the next MP for Ealing Southall. He’s practising the modern Conservative desire for social justice – given the kicking Labour’s getting he clearly wanted to level the playing field!

  7. The “kicking” that Labour’s getting Edward?!

    Well, having just returned from Southall today and spoken to some real voters, and seeing the polls and news tv headlines (not to mention the front page of the Sunday Telegraph – chortle!) I don’t think it’s Labour who are taking any kickings!

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