End of a long week

Well Ralph didn’t win the Charlemont with Grove Vale by-election but we ran those Conservatives close. Then tonight at my local party meeting it was announced that I had been reselected to represent West Bromwich East Labour at the next election. Earlier I’d been asked to join the whips office. I accepted. That’s the end of the vegetable patch then. The end of a very satisfying yet tiring week.

19 thoughts on “End of a long week”

  1. To add to your list it is also pleasing that Labour is today (Saturday) ahead in two national polls!

    Congratualtions on rejoining the government – it is well desrved.

  2. Congratulations Tom, it must be nice to be part of the all talents team. I hope you don’t have too many of the really awkward squad in your patch but I’m sure you’ll cope. Pleased to see that the member for Gloucester (our nearest Labour held seat) has retained PUSS status. Sorry about Charlemont with Grove Vale (is it the rural idyll it sounds like?) but it was a near miss +6.8% share sounds good.

    I’m very optimistic about the new government but I feel a tiny bit sorry for all the political commentators; whatever will they fill their many pages with on slow days now that Mr Blair and Mr Brown are no longer allegedly head to head? Perhaps they’ll have to start writing about politics…

  3. Why have you re-joined the government? I thought you made a promise last year that you wouldn’t? Were you telling us porkies?

  4. Congratulations, Tom, on your return to Government. Could you encourage the boss to look at those recommendations in the LabUOR Commission report about ending internal Party patronage, especially government appointments to the NEC, JPC, and PLP appointments to the NPF?

    Let me know through the usual channels if a briefing paper is needed.

    Best wishes


  5. Congratulations Tom, im sure mrs T will get green fingers and show you how to grow veg and keep it tidy.

  6. Pleased about this if you are pleased. I bit of attention to the veggie patch is a good tension release. Barry says well done and congratulations.

  7. Well done Tom! You might need to update the ‘about Tom’ section on the website now though…

  8. End of the veg patch?

    Sort it out Watson. It’s perfectly possible to spend the week bending ears and the weekend pulling carrots

  9. I do hope this won’t mean the end of your blog, as Iain Dale suggests. For quite some time now I’ve been going around saying that I’d much rather get my UK political news straight from the horses’ mouth, from the likes of Tom Watson and Iain Dale, than MSM. And without you I’d have to search very hard for a good Labour blog…

  10. BTW, PT – never did get around to asking whether you got round to telling Gideon exactly what you think of him while you were canvassing in Brum for the local elections, seeing as how honesty’s such a big thing for you and all…

    You’ll have to refresh my memory – was it ‘economic illiterate’ or ‘economic incompetent’?

  11. Can’t really belive that Tyldesley ever became a Lib Dem stronghold…things have changed since my youth….also can’t believe that Radiohead didn’t get a mention in the final episode of the Seven Ages of Rock on BBC2 tonight……

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