Conservative candidate Tony Lit

Local Ealing Councilor Phil Taylor has a fascinating blog. Though he is a councilor in Ealing Southall constituency, he has never met the Conservative candidate for Ealing Southall. Not only that but he thinks that he is a “high risk” and “controversial” choice. Does anyone know what he might mean by this?

7 thoughts on “Conservative candidate Tony Lit”

  1. Yes, now you do not need to be a member of Conservative Party to beat Labour and Lib Dem, DC did tried the same to pick someone to contest against Ken.

    He thinks that he will be the next PM.


  2. Well, apart from Dave having to dry the ink on his party membership card before popping out with him to wave to the press and his radio station having been fined £10,000 for breaching the Broadcasting Act’s election regulations in 2001, when his dad stood as an independent, no, can’t think of a thing.

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