2 thoughts on “Back of the class”

  1. We can see the Tory education “policy” falling apart, the sheer lack of any coherence over grammar schools and the splits rights across the party ~(read `conservative home’ to witness the internecine war thats this caused). Meanwhile today’s education results show more pupils doing better than ever. The tories have opposed Labour’s plans for education and Cameron’s attempts to divide labour over schools policies have exposed their own tory divisions. But then again if the new modern looking Tory party is built around image and very little else, it was only a matter of time before the splits and incoherence began to show. A very senior Tory friend of mine admnits that they are “frit” of Gordon, and their attempt over the last year to paint Brown as some sort of hard left winger has utterly failed. Substance over spin – Brown versus cameron.

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