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Stab vest and West Mids police

I think that we are making progress in the campaign to get Police Community Support Officers issued with stab vests.

Chief royal snoop gets Tory top job

Actually, I like Andy Coulson. He was good company on the few occasions that I met him.

He’s out of work. The Tories are in media disarray. So why not?

Cruddas campaign gaining momentum

More TV debates please! I’ve had lots of calls and emails from friends who said that they were deeply impressed by Jon’s performance on Newsnight. He presents on telly like he’s not on telly, if you know what I mean. I find it refreshing. Clearly many party members do too.

Back of the class

David Willets: No more grammar schools
George Osborne: No new grammar schools
Dominic Grieve: We need more grammar schools
Conservatives: We are not in disarray