Why got to all that trouble?

I found this Ministry of Truth story hilarious. Councillor Jeremy Kite, the Tory leader of Dartford council sets up a website to capture electors voting intentions. Wouldn’t he have been better just knocking on their door and asking them?

2 thoughts on “Why got to all that trouble?”

  1. Sorry Tom, but why hilarious?

    Tories in Dartford have been doing doorstep canvassing, lots of it actually, but it’s clear that not everyone shares the interest in politics that you and I have. For some, being repeatedly disturbed on the doorstep is actually a big pain. It’s particularly true of the elderly and vulnerable who don’t like to answer their door at night.

    Our website, which far from being a ‘con’ or ‘phoney’ is openly and clearly part of the Tory campaign simply gives people the right to opt out of being disturbed on their doorstep and volunteer their voting intention online. I’ve got a lot of time for Hazel Blears but I’m afraid she’s really leapt aboard a silly, inaccurate bandwagon on this one. It’s not remotely possible for anyone to be confused about who runs the site – you can only find out about it in our election manifesto which is plastered with conservative logos and the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ notice we provide for residents to put in their windows if they would rather not be disturbed by canvassers is actually the WHOLE back Page of our Manifesto.)

    The question you ask about “why go to all that trouble?” could be easily asked of your blog. Why not call public meetings to communicate with people Tom? The answer is that technology offers new ways to talk (and listen) to people. That’s all we’ve done. We do knock on doors – far more than Labour down here actually – but what’s wrong with using the internet too?

    On another note, I’m glad to see your piece about the BNP. We have a BNP candidate here in Dartford and I’m deeply ashamed to think what the decent families from some of our minotity communities must feel when they are confronted with posters and campaigning from these people. We must ALL deal with it.

  2. Would you want to knock on people’s door and admit you’re from the party that brought years of economic misery to ordinary people, nigh on destroyed public services and systematically failed to invest in our nations infrastructure?

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