Facing up to the BNP

I’ve met some interesting characters whilst door knocking over the weekend, not all of them pleasant.

One veteran and former trades unionist told me that he thought the litter at the end of his garden would have been collected more regularly had Hitler won the war. I tried my best but where do you start?

Another, in front of a group of older people, said that he was voting BNP because he “hated those black b******s”. Seldom have I seen such in-your-face racism.

Still, despite this, it struck me that there has not been a great journey from Labour to the Tories in the last 12 months. In fact, if anything, there is more disenchantment with the Conservatives than last year. I know that my area might not be like other parts of the Union, but Sandwell can’t be the only borough where they are failing to make an impact. Can it?

4 thoughts on “Facing up to the BNP”

  1. I’ve been on this campaign for seven Months and I’m almost dead on my feet. A record campaign in every department and I can’t complain of anything but have learned where I could have cut a corner or two and honed in better.

    I too have met a few beauties.

    One guy bellowed at me about ‘all these asylum seekers everywhere, getting all the jobs, given new cars (new?)a set of keys to a new houses (lucky boys) and they are comitting all the crimes everywhere. The place is going downhill!’

    It took me a while to come around.

    I then answered him by saying: ‘We have no asylum seekers anywhere in this area’.

    When I said that Tony Blair has demanded action, he became green and then red like a traffic light and yelled: DON@T TALK TO ME ABOUT TONY ****** BLAIR, HE@S A ******* ****** ****** ******D!!!
    He then called me a Communist ********d and slammed the door in my face.

    Should I give up on him? or class him a a maybe?


  2. I had my first self-confessed BNP voter this evening. A young lady with several facial piercings, including one which appeared to go in through a cheek and come out of the bottom lip.

    She also accused Labour of being communists, but seemed blissfully unaware that any true-to-its-ideals Nazi party in power would be getting rid of non-conformists like her the second they had no further use for them.

  3. Well done on spotting the “disenchantment” with the Tories once you had got past the expletives. I canvassed a white working class area on Sunday evening and got a very positive reception. Nobody mentioned intending to vote Labour or BNP, but I suppose most people don’t like to reveal embarassing facts about themselves.

  4. In Castle Point I had someone say:

    “That Hitler… he had a few good ideas like Germany for the Germans. I want England for the English. There’s so many foreigners here I’m moving to Spain.”

    I replied

    “Madam it’s a f***ing good job they don’t have a Spain for the Spanish policy then.”

    This is in a borough with zero asylum seekers and a BME population of less than 1%.

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