Avian despots

There is a small tower of musty gardening books in the living room of Watson mansions right now. Amongst the hundreds of pages and thousands of sentences, not one reference will you find to wood pigeons eating lettuce. Yet that is what the scoundrels in my back yard have done over the last five days.

If I wasn’t so keen on ASBOs, I’d buy my son a catapult for his birthday 🙂

5 thoughts on “Avian despots”

  1. try getting the plastic windmills you get for kids put them in the ground next to the lettuce, or a few lines of string across the plot with silver foil tied at equal distance. or washing up bottle full of water and blast them and failing that nuc them sorry i have been watching independence day again.

  2. If I wasn’t a member of the Labour Animal Welfare Society then I’d suggest an air rifle. Barring that, garden netting suspended about 9 inches off the ground or strategically placed old CD’s to reflect light from the sun at them. They don’t tend to like that.

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