Facing up to the BNP

I’ve met some interesting characters whilst door knocking over the weekend, not all of them pleasant.

One veteran and former trades unionist told me that he thought the litter at the end of his garden would have been collected more regularly had Hitler won the war. I tried my best but where do you start?

Another, in front of a group of older people, said that he was voting BNP because he “hated those black b******s”. Seldom have I seen such in-your-face racism.

Still, despite this, it struck me that there has not been a great journey from Labour to the Tories in the last 12 months. In fact, if anything, there is more disenchantment with the Conservatives than last year. I know that my area might not be like other parts of the Union, but Sandwell can’t be the only borough where they are failing to make an impact. Can it?

Avian despots

There is a small tower of musty gardening books in the living room of Watson mansions right now. Amongst the hundreds of pages and thousands of sentences, not one reference will you find to wood pigeons eating lettuce. Yet that is what the scoundrels in my back yard have done over the last five days.

If I wasn’t so keen on ASBOs, I’d buy my son a catapult for his birthday 🙂